Saturday, December 3, 2011

AFI's 100 Movies... 100 Years (2007 edition)

So I've decided to finally finish watching all of 100 movies* on AFI's 100 Movies... 100 Years list. Although I'm familiar with most of the films on the list I haven't seen them all--kind of embarassing. Anywho, I'm pretty gung ho** about this and told myself I'd watch them all during the winter break. However, I ended up watching The Graduate (1967 #7) last night and loved it. So I suppose I'll start this endeavour earlier than I had originally planned.

Tonight I'll watch...

On the Waterfront (1954 #19).

*I won't be watching them in the order of their ranking.

**I must admit however, I'm less than enthusiastic*** about watching Star Wars (#13) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (#15).

***Edit: Am really looking forward to watching both of them now actually.